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Nerdvana News

  • It’s Half A Billion For ‘Guardians’ And Posters For ‘Mockingjay’

    Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy box office receipts have exceeded $500 million worldwide, according to Disney, co-producer of the film with Marvel. In the US, Disney reports Guardians has taken in $255.2 million after finishing first at the box office last weekend. Observers said the movie should leap past Captain America: Winter Soldier as the number one box office movie in [...]

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  • Emmys, Superman And A New Vacation?

    It has been quite a week already and we have barely started. At the Emmy awards last night, Breaking Bad, a series that concluded its succesful 5-year run last year, came out the big winner with awards for Best Drama, Best Actor (Bryan Cranston scores his fourth Emmy for portraying Walter White, a teacher who becomes a drug dealer), Best Supporting Actor [...]

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  • Attenborough Leaves A Rich Legacy

    The news of Richard Attenborough’s passing at the age of 90 is a sad, but his legacy as an actor and director leaves an incredible richness behind. After winning the Oscar for directing Gandhi in 1982, Attenborough gained an entirely new audience when he took on the role of John Hammond in Steven Speilberg’s Jurassic Park and the sequel Jurassic Park: [...]

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Nerdvana Podcast

  • Nerdvana Interviews: Kamizaze Comics

    Join Jim and Jess as they talk with the creative trio behind Kamikaze, a new web comic with aspirations to become an animated series. Alan and Carrie Tupper along with Havana Nguyen discuss how the project came to be, what goals it has for the future and why lead character Markesha keeps throwing herself against walls. Read Kamikaze at [...]

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  • Nerdvana Interviews: Dan Jolley

    American novelist and comic book writer.Dan Jolley advises Jim and Jess about how to pick up women in video arcades and church nurseries, along with sharing his experiences as a writer of comic books, original novels and video games. All this and more on a “special” edition of Nerdvana Interviews Connect with Dan on Twitter at You can also see his work [...]

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  • Nerdvana Interviews: Jessica Cameron

    Horror actress and “Scream Queen” Jessica Cameron talks to the guys about the joys of indie film making, the experience of working spiders and the potential of an Atlanta road trip on the next episode of Nerdvana interviews. Find Jessica on Facebook: Follow Jessica on Twitter: [...]

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Respawn Reviews

  • September PlayStation Plus Preview

    Do you want to see what is coming to playstation plus members in september for free?  Well we have you covered right here.  Some good stuff in there and hey who doesn’t like added value … Read More » The post September PlayStation Plus Preview appeared first on Respawn Reviews.  [...]

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  • DRAGON QUEST VIII Available Now!

    DRAGON QUEST® fans are in for a treat as SQUARE ENIX® today announced that the mobile versions of its fan-favorite RPG, DRAGON QUEST® VIII: Journey of the Cursed King™, is now available at a reduced … Read More » The post DRAGON QUEST VIII Available Now! appeared first on Respawn Reviews.  [...]

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  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Pax Prime Trailer

    Familiar foes return and new challenges await as SQUARE ENIX® released a brand-new trailer today for KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX in anticipation of this year’s PAX Prime event in Seattle, WA. The FINAL MIX … Read More » The post Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Pax Prime Trailer appeared first on Respawn Reviews.  [...]

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Respawn Podcast

  • Respawn Episode 022: DDoS Riot

    On this whiskey hour we bring you Madden madness along with the upcoming games for the week, DDOS attacks, Amazon owns Twitch, tangents, Destiny doesn’t want your stink’n trade, the lights start going off on home, did we mention tangents? and lots more on this weeks episode of Respawn Radio. Subscribe on iTunes: Find us on YouTube: Follow us on Twitter: @RespawnShow Like us on [...]

  • Respawn Radio EP021: 21 in Germany

    On this weeks special 21st episode of Respawn Radio we talk about Gamescom, Rise of the Tomb Raider blows up the net, what’s P.T? Why is there pee down my leg? The battle for first to console, NPDs run down, and lots more on this very news filled episode of the whiskey hour. [...]